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Terms & Conditions

Cyber Digital Sales is an advertising and media counseling company.

Cyber Digital Sales is not in the business of selling franchises, or securities and does not have a direct affiliation with any such companies. We are in the business of selling advertising products and services to individuals and businesses that do business on the internet, who are seeking ways of increasing their exposure on the World Wide Web. All of our advertising services are guaranteed to be delivered as promised and ordered. All commercials must be paid in full prior to airing. All advertising sales are final and there will be no refunds or charge-backs allowed for fulfilled orders. If an order is placed and the product is not delivered, a refund will be given.

Cyber Digital Sales is in the marketing and advertising business and agrees to provide the specified number of guaranteed targeted visitors, search engine listings, keyword optimization, link roots, email campaigns, and business referrals. Whether a visitor converts to a sale, fills out a form for information, or does nothing at all, is a decision made entirely by each independent visitor to the website.

Cyber Digital Sales makes no guarantees as to sales, conversions, or possible request for information. It is further understood and agreed that any discrepancies in regards to any disputes that may arise from a sale of services will fall under arbitration in Maricopa County, Arizona and final resolution will occur within that jurisdiction. We will deliver the advertising products as represented, but Cyber Digital Sales does not guarantee that viewers that see the below client’s advertising, commercial, or the like, will buy or even shop the client’s products. Any assumptions or statements that may have been made regarding income scenarios or otherwise misleading statements regarding a guarantee of income based upon a client’s advertising are hereby declared null and void as per this disclosure.

Cyber Digital Sales does not at any time during the process of any advertising sale mean to insinuate or in any way state or imply that a client is guaranteed to make any amount of income off any form of advertising. Specific advertising results are not guaranteed. The purchasing of advertising is not an investment but a purchase of services/products. The client/purchaser understands that Cyber Digital Sales will fulfill all paid orders, or refund if not delivered. All orders and services are guaranteed to be fulfilled as ordered.